Oh, hi there! Come on in!   Bas of Art by Bas, airbrushing a goalie mask

Make yourself comfortable. Art by Bas is a friendly place for artists and art lovers.

Here, you can view some of my artwork in the gallery or read about painting and airbrushing, the business of being an artist and my life. You can also watch my Youtube channel.

Curious who I am and how I went from the corporate world to becoming an artist and stay-at -home dad? You can read it all here on my Bio page.

The Art in Art by Bas

I create airbrush art on smaller objects and sometimes paintings in oil paint or acrylic paint.

I love hearing from blog readers or watchers of my Youtube channel and from admirers of my artwork. Don’t be shy to comment on my writing, just keep it within good taste. You can also contact me here.

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