Painting the vision of a near death experience…

One of the first commissioned airbrush paintings I did has an interesting spiritual story behind it.

I was approached by a man who asked me if I would be able to paint a vision for him, but it wasn’t his own vision. This was the vision of his close friend and co-worker.

They both worked for a gas company filling up the tanks under gas stations.  One fateful day something went catastrophically wrong causing a fireball to set his friend and co-worker on fire. My client’s years of military training prior to this job allowed him to react instantly and save his friend.

His co-worker was rushed to the hospital and at some point his heart stopped. Eventually the medical staff got it going again. After coming back from being clinically dead he was able to describe the experience to his co-worker, who asked me to translate the image into a painting.

He described the experience to be like he was floating above God’s hands. God gently blew at him, which turned him to ashes, sending him into the sky, before he came back to life.

I’m not a spiritual person, but I’m also not ignorant. I have no doubt that he had a real experience and who are we to doubt this unfortunate man?

Regardless, it was a fun and challenging painting to do, having to work with one man’s description of another man’s experience of the realm between life and death…

In the hands of God.