Painting hair on a baby doll

American Girl baby doll painting

I get unusual requests sometimes for airbrush work. I received an email with the question if I could paint hair back on a baby doll. It turns out that this was an American Girl baby doll, the kind that doesn’t have real hair, but hair painted on. Somehow it got scratched or white paint streaks on it, unclear, but easily airbrushable and it actually looks like those dolls’ hair gets airbrushed on by American Girl Doll anyway.


The price

This is one of those cases where I have no idea how much to charge, because it’s a small, unusual job. As a father of a girl, I know how much a doll or a stuffed animal can mean, so I’m more than happy to do it. When something like that happens I just let the customer offer what she’s willing to pay.

Airbrush Rogaine treatment

So, I met with mom, got the doll, took it to my studio. Masked off what needed to be protected from paint, put a little paper towel barber’s cape on her and went to work.

Before painting the baby doll hair After painting the baby doll hair

After care

After I was done, I was about to shut off my compressor and walk out, but looked over and there’s the doll, looking at me. I know that this is this little girl’s favorite doll and that she’s trusting me with it, even though she has to spend tonight without sleeping with her doll. I couldn’t leave it in my messy, paint stained studio, that gets f-ing cold at night.

So, I picked her up and placed her among other toys on the shelf in my daughter’s room. Tomorrow she will get a matte clear coat, so the masking tape needs to stay on overnight. Then she can go back to her little girl mommy.

The reward

There’s no better reward in life than making a little girl happy.