My first Youtube vlog is live!

OK, so I just published my first vlog on Youtube. It was terrifying to put my face and voice out there, but those who have read my last blog post will understand why. For traditional visual artists like me, the game is changing and I believe Youtube is the key to staying up to date.

The case for Youtube

We 40 plussers are stuck in a rut of paying for services and art that our kids will never pay for. My daughter may be persuaded to pay a $10 or $15 per month fee for entertainment, music or books, but she will probably never see the value in paying roughly $200 per month for cable TV or buying one music album for the same price as a month subscription to Spotify.

It’s time for a dinosaur like me to hop on the train, before it’s passed by completely. To me that train is Youtube. I hear all my contemporaries talk about their kids always being on Youtube. It’s often followed by “I don’t understand it, what’s the point in watching someone else play a game?”. The thing is that my teenager gets much more out of it than just watching Pewdiepie playing games. She gets news from a different perspective than we do. She often knows what’s happening in the world before we do and she has a refreshing point of view. I often wish I was as unbiased as she is.

One big difference between Youtube and TV is that Youtube is interactive. You watch, comment, like and post your own stuff.

I’m doing it!

So, I’ve made a conscious decision to do just that. And guess what? I’ve found some fantastic content to follow, from pure entertainment to great news channels.

And now the moment has finally come for me to publish my own content. They always say your first Youtube video is the worst, so I figure it can only go up from here, as I get more comfortable talking to a camera and hearing my own voice and seeing my face. I’m ready for it. I feel like I’m in the caboose, but I’m heading towards the 2nd class wagon.

Go watch it

Check out my first Youtube vlog right here and don’t forget to click the little thumbs up if you like it:


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